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Allow Disney Pixars Cars novelties to convey your thoughtful and selfless desire to please your little loved ones on any occasion

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  1. Disney Pixar Cars Memo Board

    Disney Pixar Cars Memo Board

    SKU :CA4005
    A Disney Pixar Cars memo/ erase board that includes marker and eraser. A great Disney party favor. And a compliment to your birthday gift basket or get well gifts. Learn More
  2. Disney Cars Tattoo Book

    Disney Cars Tattoo Book

    SKU :CA4100
    Create excitement and fun in your Cars theme birthday party with this great Cars tattoo book. Over 50 great tattoos to either liven up your birthday party or to be included in your party favor for kids who love Cars and follow their favorite characters in this wonderful Disney master piece. Learn More
  3. Disney Pixar Cars Color Your own Puzzle

    Disney Pixar Cars Color Your own Puzzle

    SKU :CA2001
    Give the children a chance to expand their creativity by designing and coloring their own puzzles. Children have a chance to arrange and then color their own puzzle. This is a great item for a Disney Pixar Cars theme birthday party favor. The puzzle includes 6 pieces of crayons. You may also include this piece in your custom made gift basket for any occasion. Learn More
  4. Disney Pixar Cars Sandwich Container

    Disney Pixar Cars Sandwich Container

    SKU :CA7000
    Make lunch more exciting at school, at the beach and in the car. This colorful bread shaped Cars sandwich container can be used as a theme birthday party favor, or a great item to add to back to school supply shopping list. Add it to your all occasion gift basket and build your own gift basket with a personal touch. Learn More
  5. Disney Pixar Cars Puzzle

    Disney Pixar Cars Puzzle

    SKU :CA5500
    Puzzles have long been on of the most productive, fun and challenging ways of pass time for kids party. Disney Pixar Cars puzzle is great as a party favor or in your favorite gift basket for kids. Learn More
  6. Cars Hair Gel

    Cars Hair Gel

    SKU :CA3200
    Bring about excitement at the grooming time. Disney Pixar Cars hair gel is perfect novelty to be added to your all occasions Cars gift basket for boys. Gentle formula, alcohol free, will not leave hair sticky or stiff. Learn More
  7. Disney Pixar Cars Crayons

    Disney Pixar Cars Crayons

    SKU :CA1257
    Encourage artistic imagination with Disney Pixar Cars Crayons. Allow creativity to unfold with 10 pack jumbo colored crayons. Add this to any arts & crafts gift basket for kids. Appreciate the variety and variation of different shades and colors and allow your youngsters creative mind to expand effortlessly. Perfect addition to any gift basket or as school supplies Learn More
  8. Disney Pixar Cars Night Light

    Disney Pixar Cars Night Light

    SKU :CA4003
    Brighten their faces, hearts and rooms with their favorite Disney Pixar characters night light. This plug in nightlight makes a perfect Disney Pixar theme birthday party favor. You any also include it in your favorite Cars gift basket for any occasion. Learn More
  9. Cars Body Wash

    Cars Body Wash

    SKU :CA3201
    Make bath tub time exciting and fun with Disney Pixar Cars characters. Mild children shampoo is an excellent novelty to be added to your all occasion gift basket for boys. Gentle formula. Learn More
  10. Disney Pixar Cars Beach Ball

    Disney Pixar Cars Beach Ball

    SKU :CA3501
    A 20 inch Cars beach ball to add to your pool party. A perfect Disney Pixar Cars theme birthday party favor or an exciting piece to add to any gift basket for boys for any occasions. Learn More
  11. Cars Bracelets

    Cars Bracelets

    SKU :CA2510
    set of two Cars stylish rubber bracelets Learn More
  12. Disney Pixar Cars Arm Floaties

    Disney Pixar Cars Arm Floaties

    SKU :CA3500
    Have an exciting and safe summer by the pool or at the beach with their favorite Cars characters. A set of inflatable arm bands to keep the boys and girls safe. Include this piece in your personal gift basket for any occasion or make the greatest theme birthday party favor with this wonderful piece. Learn More
  13. Cars Silly Bandz

    Cars Silly Bandz

    SKU :CA4200
    18 Disney Pixar Cars shaped bracelets 1st birthday party favors ideas Learn More
  14. Disney Pixar Cars Theme Party Favor

    Disney Pixar Cars Theme Party Favor

    SKU :PFCA50
    Make your birthday party more memorable with 1st birthday party favor ideas Disney Pixar Cars Theme Party Favor . A light up yoyo, a hard cover notebook, and crayons. A perfect end to any Disney Cars theme birthday party. Learn More
  15. Disney Pixar Car Beach Towel

    Disney Pixar Car Beach Towel

    Have some summer excitement and fun with the Disney Pixar Cars beach towel. This colorful Disney theme beach towel measures at 29 x50 inches. Add it to your fun summer gift basket, prepare your own Cars theme graduation gift basket. Learn More
  16. Disney Pixar Cars Utility Back Pack

    Disney Pixar Cars Utility Back Pack

    SKU :CA1000
    16 inch Cars back pack with to side nets and a detachable zippered 8x6 case Learn More
  17. Fun at the Beach with Cars

    Fun at the Beach with Cars

    Looking for a perfect summer gift ideas for kids? Add to the fun and excitement of the summer with Disney Pixar Cars gift set. A Cars beach towel, a set of Cars inflatable beach ball, arm bands and a floating raft wrapped up in a gift box and decorated with colorful bows and ribbons. Enclose your personal note and create a memorable summer. Learn More
  18. Disney Pixar Cars Best Back to School Gift Basket

    Disney Pixar Cars School Supplies

    Use Disney Pixar Cars school supplies to inspire your children thrive in academic environments. Allow your child to associate entertainment and education to gain optimal enjoyment of schooling process. Cars 16 inch backpack Cars sandwich container Cars crayons Cars stamp and roll markers Cars spiral notebook Cars mechanical pencils Cars umbrella All items are arranged in a gift box, decorated with colorful bows and ribbons. A card with your personal note will be enclosed. Learn More

Items 1 to 18 of 21 total

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Disney Pixar Cars Academy award nominated film, hit the theaters May 26, 2006. As a Disney Pixar film, this release was nothing short of phenomenal. It is the seventh Disney/Pixar feature film, and the final film by Pixar before it was bought by Disney. Set in a world populated entirely by anthropomorphic cars and other vehicles, the story tickles the imagination of children across the world. Overtime, Disney released Cars’ memorabilia that caught the attention of young boys everywhere! Soon after, people were lined up to buy Cars themed goodie bag - for birthday party favors or  back to school supplies for children pixar car party favors, Cars gifts are still at high demand! Summer gifts for kids are endless when you allow your creative mind to function; kids gift baskets are available to allow you to express your creativity. Create memorable gifts for girls and gift for boys, using Disney novelties. Gift baskets ideas for children are entertaining and memorable gifts for all gift giving occasions including but not limited to: birthday gifts, get well gift, back to school supplies etc. Also, browse around and become inspired for other gift basket ideas.

” Okay, here we go. Focus. Speed. I am speed. One winner, forty-two losers. I eat losers for breakfast. Breakfast? Maybe I should have had breakfast? Brekkie could be good for me. No, no, no, focus. Speed. Faster than fast, quicker than quick. I am Lightning.”

~ Lightning McQueen

“Cars” is a favorite among children and adults due to its amazing graphics and hilarious script. You will especially love Cars if you are addicted to different cars yourself, as you get to see famous car models with a personality of their own in the movie. Up till now, two parts have been released and each has been a success in its own way.

The story begins with a race car called “Lightening McQueen” who by accident ends up in a small run-down town called Radiator Springs. He is sentenced to community service in the town because he had torn the pavement of the main road in his sleep. Initially, Lightening McQueen does not get along with everybody, but then slowly he starts liking the people of this town. He also learns lifes important lessons such as that fame and glory is not everything.

Children of all ages love “Cars” due to its animation and funny scenes. Therefore kids, especially young boys, covets toys and accessories featuring Lightening McQueen and other characters from the movies like Mater, Sally and many more. Therefore, a cars goody bag makes a great present for your boy or your nephew or grandson.

What is special about Cars Goody bag ? They contain all sorts of gift items embossed with characters from “Cars”. If your boy is a born artist, how about giving him a Cars Art Set that will complete his art supply? Or you can present him with Cars gift bag that have various assortments such as hair gel, body wash, books with Cars stories, a key chain and many other surprises. This Cars goody bag is perfect on big occasions like a birthdays or Christmas. You can also surprise your son, nephew or grandson with a cars gift bag that contains Disney Pixar Cars’ back to school supplies. The cool bag and other school supplies will surprise and mesmerize the little boy and make his first day at school very special!

If your son is hosting a birthday party, you can also surprise him with a “Cars” theme birthday party. Enhance this theme by giving out Cars party favors to your son’s friends. Not only will your son love you for keeping his favorite movie character as a theme, but he will also be happy to give out Cars party favors to all his friends.

Also, who says gifts should be limited to important occasions only? Why not reward him for little achievements with Cars assortments such as a beach ball, arm floaties, beach towel, poster art and temporary tattoos. Your little boy will not only feel appreciated, but motivated to do his best in every competition or test.

In conclusion cars goody bag and different cars gift bags are the perfect gifts for little boys because they show that you care about their likes and dislikes. Give them these gifts on every occasion to make him feel loved and cared for.