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Welcome To GiftBasket4Kids.com

Affiliate Program

General Information

  • Join for free! Earn 10% of all referred sales.
  • Access to nearly 1000 unique products
  • High Commissions - Earn 10% on referred sales generated through our website
  • Quarterly Bonus - Affiliate sales over $5,000 per quarter earn an additional 3%!
  • Average sale is $60 (excluding shipping and sales tax) - Earn $7.80 on an average sale
  • Direct product feed available - includes ALL of our top-selling gifts.
  • Quickly download links and photos for 100 of our most popular products
  • Variety of banners and text links available for affiliates to use
  • Exclusive coupons and offers available to your customers
  • 90 day Cookies! No matter how long the visitor spends at our site, you get the credit. That's a guarantee for 90 days. They can leave and come back as many times as they like and you will still get the credit. It is FREE money!
  • Gift Basket 4 Kids handles all the customer service, sales and shipping! All you have to do is point the customer to our site and we handle the rest. You can count on us to take care of every customer as if they were our largest.
  • Trusted third party tracking with Shareasale.com. They monitor your traffic, provide reports and offer up to date statistics so you can check your affiliate earnings anytime. They offer great support and monthly paychecks. How much easier can it get?
  • If you have a website, you can be an affiliate. Join Today!

What's in it for you?

Easy money! All you have to do is sign up, select the button, banner, text link or product link you want, download the image onto your site and you're off and running! When a visitor clicks on a link, you get paid a 10% 
commission of the product sales amount (excluding shipping and tax). Even if they do not make a purchase right away, let's say they come back in two weeks or even four weeks and then decide to purchase something, you will still get paid a 13% commission! That is a guarantee for up to 90 days.

Gift Basket 4 Kids rewards their affiliates!

We offer a competitive commission rate of 10%. Since our average sale is $60.00, you could potentially earn $7.80 on a single sale and all you have to do is point them our way! Throughout the year and during the holiday season, With sales like this, imagine what your check would be for the entire holiday month!!!!!!!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)!/div>

  1. Does it cost anything to be an affiliate?
    No! There are no fees of any kind to apply or be a member of our affiliate program. This is a FREE service. You simply get paid for every customer you refer to us. Even if they do not buy now and return later to make a purchase. You will still receive your 10% commission for that sale (excluding tax and shipping) for up to 90 days after the initial visit. There are absolutely no hidden costs or fees!
  2. Does my web site qualify
    Almost all Web sites do qualify to become one of our affiliates. However, we do ask that you do not submit Web sites which promote or exhibit any of the following:
    •  Nudity
    • Pornographic material
    • Adult restricted material Illegal activities
    • Racial or sexual hatred
    • Sexually explicit materials
    • Governmental subversion tactics

      Read the shareasale.com affiliate agreement for more information. 

  3. Is your system accurate?
    Yes. Our friends at Shareasale.com are a trusted third party that does all the work! They monitor sales and give you up-to-date statistics on your commissions.
  4. When do I get paid?
    Payments are made by Shareasale.com. They issue you a check for any accumulated amounts over $25.00. Shareasale issues checks on a monthly basis to qualified affiliates. For more information visit shareasale.com
  5. How do I determine which link to use?
    We leave this up to you. But, we recommend you put all links and banners in subject appropriate places. For example, if your site is subject driven and you have a page for "Baby" items place a "Baby" banner link on your page. If your site offers many different items place our "Gift Baskets" on your home page in conjunction with some direct product links in the sub-level pages. We can help you more with this once you are an approved affiliate.
  6. Can I buy from my own site?
    Absolutely!! Why not? You, your family, friends, co-workers anyone can. You get paid no matter who they are.
  7. Can nonprofit groups join?
    Sure. We would love to have them join. Nonprofit groups can use this free program for lucrative fundraising while helping their visitors get great deals on gifts and Part Favors! Join Today!


Thank you for your interest in the Gift Basket 4 Kids affiliate program! We look forward to helping you in any way we possibly can. We hope our partnership will be profitable for both of us. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-818-917-2812 or email us affiliate@giftbasket4kids.com